The One Thing You Need to Trim Your Beard


Photo credit: Anthony Urbano

Wearing: Necklace- Yael Sonia | Sweatpants- Topman

Shaver- iStubble by Conair

Fact: I didn’t know how to trim my own beard up until recent *insert embarrassed emoji face*. It’s way easier than it looks, but between being a afraid to make a mistake, and not having the time to learn, I  would always go to the barber to get my weekly beard trim. I’ve had my facial hair for about two years, and usually trim it down to a 1.5 or 2 once a week. I recently started using the new iStubble by Conair, which has a unique floating contouring head that allows you to choose the desired length without having to switch any of the heads, like an ordinary buzzer. The floating head technology flexibly contours over the face, jawline, and neck for the most precise trimming ever.

This holiday season I’m partnering with Conair to give you a chance to win one Conair’s iStubble. Head over to my instagram to learn how to enter. It’s easy, I promise.

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