Tennis Anyone?

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Photo Credit: Anthony Urbano

Blazer, Sweater, Pants, ShoesLacoste

Ready to play? Ever since my last trip to the court with Lacoste I’ve wanted to learn and perfect my skills in Tennis, I mean people tell me I look JUST like Rafael Nadal. (kidding). So when Lacoste asked me to test out their Fall/Winter collection I had to pull out my school boy sporty self to prove any justice. Menswear is constantly inspired by sports and athletes creating a new category called “athleisure” wear. This isn’t something new or groundbreaking, but It’s becoming more and more common to see. Comfort is something to take in consideration when dressing up in the morning, with intentions of galavanting around the city, and Lacoste pays close attention to that. Oh, speaking of- Lacoste is having their semi-annual sale (up to 50% off goods). Lastly, Tennis Anyone?

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