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V-Day Ready with Yael Sonia

Blazer- Jeffrey Rudes | T-shirt – Rag & Bone | Jeans- UniqloPyramid Prism Double Knot Bracelet, Large Pyramid Prism Necklace – Yael Sonia

Love is in the air. Planning the perfect date takes a lot of effort, time and dedication. Now picture that and times that by 100, that’s how much work should go into your V-day date. It’s not like any other date to the movies or fancy restaurant, you need to think out of the box and use every card in the book in order to impress your date. After spending days and days into what will be a three or four hour night, you will need a look that will compliment your evening.

My first suggestion is to go with something simple, like an all-black ensemble with just the right amount of details. So, I accessorized my subdued look with a few bold and modern pieces from Yael Sonia, a Brazilian-inspired jewelry line, like the pyramid prism double knot bracelet and necklace. Yael’s entire design and production process is anchored by her commitment to outstanding craftsmanship and innovation. Her men’s collection is inspired by modern architecture and movement, and is made out of hand-selected geometrically cut gemstones.

Now accepting Valentine’s applications. Please email a headshot and resume to