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Here is my latest collection of photos from my current favorite social media site, Instagram. Pictures include some swag I received from Antony Morato, Nectar Sunglasses and Dolbeau for a little special upcoming trip (details to follow). Last week, I had the opportunity to attend this years Vans Warped tour and saw We The Kings from backstage, in addition to other bands. Also, as many of you already know there’s a new team in town and they’re called the Brooklyn NETS. As a brooklynite I had to do what was right and purchase a Mitchell & Ness cap. Lastly, the highlight of my insta-week goes to my last photo, which also appeared on the Marc Jacobs Intl Instagram account, to confirm it’s me please click here.  Be sure to follow me for live updates and more, username: TheMetroMan

Summer Shades

Photo Credit: Kommunity, Nectar Sunglasses 

I’ve been on a mission to find the perfect summer shades without breaking my pocket. I recently stumbled upon Nectar Sunglasses while I was on Instagram and instantly fell in love, and thought I would share this with you guys. I love to accessorize, so naturally sunglasses are an essential for my daily outfits. Nectar Sunglasses offers a huge selection of sunglasses in the most awesome and unique colors. I’ve been searching for a grab-and-go pair and I finally found them. Also, Nectar allows  customers to create a custom-made pair, so for all of you that like to get creative, this one is for you…. AND GET THIS Nectar Sunglasses start at $13 bucks a pop. I’ll stop yapping and allow you to go ahead and snag a few….dozen.