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The Joseph Abboud Experience



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Photos credit: Menelik Puryear

Full bespoke suit- Joseph Abboud

I own about 60-65 suits, and of those perhaps 50% of them are bespoke. Many guys fail to know the difference between a made-to-measure suit and a bespoke suit. Well the main difference is that a bespoke suit is actually made for your body after your measurements are taken, opposed to a made to measure suit which is essentially taken off the rack and is then tailored to your body. Fit just makes a huge difference, especially when it comes to tailoring.

Last month I had the opportunity of creating my very own Joseph Abboud custom suit. I remember the day I chose my fabrics at the Joseph Flagship store in NYC and what kind of suit I wanted to go with. I wanted to do something out of the ordinary, so I stayed away from another navy suit. After a few hours, and going through each and every single summer swatch, I kid you not, I decided to go with an ivory-almost-white three piece suit. For the vest I added a little fabric in order to break up the white suit. What I’m most excited about is actually wear them as separates.

To top off the experience, the Joseph Abboud team invited a few menswear bloggers and myself to check out the factory in New Bedford, MA where we got to experience first hand how #MadeinAmerica tailored clothing is made. It was a super special moment, first creating a #JACustom suit with Joseph then getting a full on factory tour from Tony, the Chief CEO of Joseph Abboud Apparel Corporation and the man himself, Joseph Abboud. I think the best part of it all is getting to go through the entire factory and getting to see the factory workers piecing the suits together one step at a time. Fun little fact: the factory creates about 1300 suits a day, so, just comes to show you how many suits one factory in America can make.

Most of my suits have a story to them, and this one specifically is an unforgettable one forsure. P.S. Joseph may or may not have said that he was currently obsessing over Ivory this summer, well we now know who his favorite suit was.

This post was created in partnership with Joseph Abboud.