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The Fall Essentials

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Photo Credit: Isaac Miller 

Sweater- Missoni | T-shirt— A|X | Jeans- Paige | Boots- Brooklyn Boot Co.

The fall season has always been my favorite time of year. I can’t get enough of sweater weather, leather jackets and combat boots. Every dude needs the perfect fall essentials for the season. Pictured above are my current favorites of the season. I’ve never been the cardigan type, ever, but when it’s a chunky oversized knitted zig-zag patterned edition, like this one from Missoni, I couldn’t resist. I paired my casual seasonal look with a pair of denim from Paige and the perfect combat boots from Brooklyn Boot Company. I like these a whole lot. They’re not too clunky and oversized so I don’t look like a clown (well, not totally). Also, the length ends right by the ankle, exactly how I l like. Oh, and they’re going to age perfectly (remember combat boots are like wine, they only get better with age).


You might be sitting at home, envious, of course, wondering why in the world is this twenty-something year old male blogger in Milan at Women’s Fashion Week? Well, although one can assume I write articles surrounding  menswear, exclusively, which I do, I am a huge appreciator of women’s fashion. With that said, this post is for the Metro Men that appreciate women’s fashion, and more specifically a special treat for the lovely ladies that continue to support me. This was the first time, and definitely not last, attending and covering Milan Fashion Week. During the short weekend I was in Milan I had the opportunity to attend over a dozen shows and presentations, favorite highlights include a romantic with a hint of edge collection from Bluemarine, a grungy-yet-sophisticated collection from Gabriele Colangelo, absolute perfection at Roberto Cavalli and a standing ovation at Missoni.

ATTENTION Directors, Editors, Stylist, Bloggers, fashion appreciators, ladies and Metro Men, the one collection from Milan Fashion Week that should be under your radar is Bluemarine, designed by Anna Molinari. Muted Neutrals, in addition to the perfect amount of color, rhinestones, leather, floral and patterns were present. The collection was designed for the sophisticated woman with the right amount of sexy, if that sounds like you? This collection was designed for you

Perhaps the Italian Alexander Wang, perhaps not? Colangelo created a collection for the modern woman with just enough edge. Although practically degraded the designer, in his defense, the designer created a collection for a specific woman, and not the everyday woman. The collection was clearly inspired by the military and mimicked menswear. It consisted of fringe jackets, nylon mesh, a sheer turtleneck top, slick glossy trousers, and grungy isn’t grungy without attitude

As the last look slowly made it’s way off the runway, the anticipation in the room grew stronger, the entire room, including myself, were holding their breath and on the edge of their seat, eager to know if Angela Missoni will come out, and receive the ovation she deserves. It has been less than a month since the tragic news broke that Vittori Missoni’s, the CEO and brother of Angela Missoni, plane went missing. Like a champ, after delivering a stellar collection, Angela stepped out and had attendees on their feet applauding. The collection featured joyful hues, luxurious blends of cashmere, fishnets and, of course, Missoni’s signature #zigzag print.

I’ve been to many shows in the past, however none can compare to my recent experience at Roberto Cavalli. Arco Della Pace, the venue were the show took place, housed a long runway, attendees and an army of photographers. I expected epic, and I received epic squared. Fashion is another form of art, and Mr. Cavalli’s latest collection proved just that. The collection consisted of monochrome prints, embellished dresses and fur ensembles, in addition to a new take of Cavalli’s already-known women’s skinny tuxedo suit. I would be lying if I said I wouldn’t wear one of those intricately designed fur jackets to New York Fashion Week next year. Hey, if that doesn’t get me on the style blogs, I don’t know what will. The show concluded with a stampede of 41 female models, I know, every man’s dream.