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Israel with The Gang

Photo credit: Solmaz Saberi


Top- Louis Vuitton | Pants- Theory | Sneakers- Valentino | Shades- Barton Perreira

Sorry for the delayed response AKA post (AKA story of my life). Or perhaps this is a #ThrowbackThursday? Whatever the case is I wanted to share with you guys a few photos from my journey to Tel-Aviv Fashion Week from a few weeks ago. I went back to the homeland and brought a few friends (and made a few too) on the way. For the occasion I wore a Louis Vuitton polo from their new SS ’17 collection (yes those are giraffe on my polo, and they are friendly AF). I paired my polo with classic cotton chinos, since ’tis the season, and a few accessories to complete the look like these subtle graphic Valentino sneakers.

#SettingTheBar in Tel-Aviv

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Blazer, Shirt, ShoesBar III

Tel-Aviv will always have a special place in my heart. I’ve been to Israel over a dozen times, perhaps even two dozen, it has easily become my second home. There’s a lot of political controversy happening in the world and with that said it’s always important to stay positive and promote peace and unity. #SettingTheBar is about exactly that. As an influencer (gosh, I’m so modest) my responsibility is to set the bar, but in this case set an example. The world is only changed by your example, not your opinion. It’s important to pay attention to the bigger issues in the world like hunger, global warming, poverty and not focus on war. On a lighter, more fun note I love Israel, the country, the people, the food (I can go days and days on this topic) and the scene. If you ever find yourself in Tel-Aviv, which I urge you to visit, be sure to visit a few of my favorite places: Neve Tzedek, Yafo (the old port), The Tayelet (along the beach), The Namal (bunch of good restaurants and bars can be found here), and every hummus spot on every corner. While I was in Tel-Aviv I took a stroll over in Yafo (If you go here during sunset, I can almost guarantee you an epic sunset shot and an amazing view overlooking Tel-Aviv). The weather there is a bit warm for a jacket, but cool enough for a blazer (hence my look). Oh, and there’s a lot of walking so be sure to pack sneakers!


Photos via Insagram @TheMetroMan
Happy Monday all. Finally back in Florence after a long, well-deserved weekend of seeing family, friends and celebrating my cousin’s wedding in Israel, who doesn’t love weddings? The past few weeks have been a bit hectic, to say the least. 7 days ago I was on the beach enjoying Paella in Barcelona, 24 hours ago I was partying in the beautiful city of Tel-Aviv, and in just 72 hours I will be making my way to the Santorini Island in Greece. I finally know what its like to be on tour with the man himself, Justin Bieber. I share with you the photos above to give you the gist of the past week. For up-to-the-minute updates, be sure to follow me on Instagram. (username: @TheMetroMan).