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Denim Daze in Express 

Photo Credit: Eric Christian

Denim has become an identity to so many, if not everyone, in the world. Think about it, how many pairs of denim do you own? How often do you wear them? Pretty often. I own about 28 pairs and I would say I wear a pair 5 or 6 times a week.

I like simple jeans, not too distressed, although I would 100% opt-in for a pair with minor rips on the knee. Black, faded black, bleach blue, and true blue denim are my favorite washes.

Today, I’m sharing with y’all a pair that I got from Express, the slim light-wash blue stretch jeans. If you’re anything like me, and like to walk a lot and are constantly on the go, I would strongly recommend a pair with stretch, like these guys. The Neutral color allows you to pair them up anyway you would like, from a tank-top to a hoodie.

I shot this in Nolita by one of my favorite lunch spots, La Esquina! (if you like Mexican, this is a must try in the city!)


Shirt, T-Shirt, JeansExpress

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Fast Forward to Fall







Photo Credit: Nicole Isaacs

Jeans, T-Shirt- EXPRESS | Shoes- Koio Collective | Hat- 1KNY

I’ve always had a thing for moto jeans. Perhaps it’s the aesthetic and appearance, or simply of how badass they make me feel. Or maybe a little bit of both. You might not want to believe it (um, I’m in denial too), but the summer season is coming to an end, and as the leaves will soon change, so will your wardrobe. Moto jeans have become a Fall staple and essential in my closet, I recently got these black coated moto jeans from Express, and I can’t wait to wear them all season long. These guys are a fun and casual alternative to the black jean (or any bottom in fact). If you noticed, from my recent posts or simply following me on one or multiple social media platforms, I’ve been having a huge black and white moment. So, wearing a little texture to my basic look, makes it simple yes, but far from basic.

Summer Needs

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Photos by Jeff Thibodeau

Blazer, Shirt, JeansExpress | Shoes- H1- Shoes

There are days, you know the long endless humid ones, where I find myself wanting to wear shorts, the shorter, tapered, the better. But, there are somedays where I feel a bit uncomfortable slipping into a pair of shorts (and you skinny folks know exactly why I feel that way). And those days call for a pair of bleached or distressed denim (slightly or overly distressed, both are welcome). You can wear them to the office, with a blazer of course, or casually with a tee for the perfect lazy weekend and Sunday brunch. Initially I was never a fan of distressed denim. I felt the rips were sloppy and improper and at times can look cheap, which I can see why. But, after getting my first washed out and distressed denim I came around. I think own 6 pairs today (probably more, but 6 that I actually wear.) There’s an effortless vibe to them that make me feel good and not giving a care to the world of what I wear. I paired these with a striped tee and a black solid blazer. Would you believe me If I told you that this is my first and only black blazer I own? Yup, it’s true. I always suggest guys to get the essentials first (if you don’t have a black blazer yet, well I’m not sure who or what you’re waiting for.) They typically get utilized most, and are likely to stick around longer (exhibit A? This blazer). Although a black blazer is needed all year long, if you haven’t tried wearing a pair of distressed denim, you have all summer long to give it a go