Rodeo Drive

_MG_9331_1 _MG_9407_1 _MG_9396_1 _MG_9408_1 _MG_9488_1Photo Credit: Anthony Urbano

Suit- Born To Tailor | | Sweater- HM | Shoes- Crosby Square | Shades- Oliver Peoples | Watch- Miansai

Finally made it to Rodeo Drive (during my first, I know I can’t believe it either, trip to LA). For my walk down the madison avenue of LA, I took out my favorite linen bespoke suit I put together with Born to Tailor, paired it with striped knit and suede chocolaty double monks . It was over 100 degrees, so the summer-friendly fabrics were needed. Right now, I’m in New York where it’s 39 degrees (overnight) and I’m currently planning my next trip back to LA (which should be sooner than scheduled since I don’t think I can tolerate the cold for another minute, oh, and the ‘Official” winter isn’t even here yet.) How many of y’all watch Game of Thrones? WINTER IS COMING!

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