The Business of Blogging #SmallButMighty

In the Lieu of Small Business Saturday, which is taking place on November 25, I’m partnering with Dell to share my personal experience and how you can win three of their new Dell Latitude 7389 laptop (details below)

There’s not a day that goes by without someone, whether it’s on social media, family or a high school friend that I haven’t spoken to since, asking me the question”do you make a living with what you do?” Also, “what is it that you do exactly?” And my favorite, “Are you a model or something?”

My parents still don’t know exactly what I do. So, I’m here to tell you.

Seven year’s ago I started my blog as an escape from reality as I was studying accounting in a business school. I would write short articles about fashion, things that I like and the occasional outfit post to show people my personal style. I had zero intentions of making it a business since I thought I was becoming an accountant and going to count numbers for the rest of my life. At that point I was posting once a week on my blog and then maybe 3 or 4 times a week on Instagram. It was only until after the first publicist sent me a message on Facebook saying he wanted to gift me a pair of jeans I realized, maybe I should take this seriously and make this my full-time job. After transferring to FIT, and then interning at Marie Claire I began to post more regularly, like every single day. Also, I was going to every single event I was invited to so I can support the brand, network and hopefully be remembered.

Let me make it clear that I didn’t earn a dollar as a blogger until maybe the end of the second or early third year of blogging. However, blogging introduced me to my best friends, allowed me to travel the world, which I’m super grateful for and do the things I love. It also allowed me to purchase my first piece of real estate, and launch my second business, Ankari Floruss.

Ankari Floruss came together two years ago when I approached my best friend, and business partner, Marcel Floruss, the idea of designing a simplified and curated collection for us, for the people that support us and for men all over the world. Especially today with technology  and social media we can reach anyone that share the similar interests as us. There were a lot of obstacles a long the way especially since both of our schedules are quite hectic.

My business was built on technology and I rely on it so heavily. From emails to editing images to writing this very blog post, the tools and tech I use helps power my small business. It’s also important to have a reliable security system to protect your connected items from online threats.

Now, the real question. How do I Make a Living off Blogging?

Think of it as a magazine and a spokesperson/ambassador combined.

  • There is the common sponsored post which basically entails promoting the brand’s current collection or specific product. #ad
  • Attending events and covering them (both on your blog and social media channels)
  • Being the face of the brand (aka replacing a model or a celebrity in ad campaigns), which I think is by the far most impressive and difficult thing to attain.
  • Creating smaller brands and investing in small brands (i.e. designing a shoe collection)

Side note: as a small business you’re giving others’ a job as well (i.e. the agency you are rep’d by, your manager, photographer, assistant, etc.)

Most people think a blogger’s life is easy. They travel the world, get free clothing and post pretty photos to get a few thousand likes on them. WRONG. Sadly, no one can pay their rent with a pair of brand new designer jeans.

The hardships/Tips of blogging:

  • Posting consistently, and posting really great content. Try to post a blog post at least twice or three times a week, and post on social every single day! That’s a lot of work! The amount of work that goes into a photo (Styling, taking the photo, editing, and coming up with a witty caption is so important).
  • Blogging can actually mess up with your confidence and self-esteem a whole lot. You might see your friends succeeding and doing cool things and you might think to yourself you’re not good enough.
  • Being relevant. You constantly need to make sure your going to the cool events, wearing the best and posting about them otherwise you will be forgotten.

You need the right tools to blog, a Camera and laptop to start with! If you’re a new business (or a blogger in the game), consider entering Dell and McAfee’s #SmallButMighty Social contest for a chance to win Three Dell Latitude 7389 Laptops for your small business (and there will be a total of 5 winners!)

The Dell Latitude 7389 laptop

  • The Dell Latitude is the ultimate tool for work with an unparalleled viewing experience
  • A touch screen
  • An active pen for note taking
  • 17 hours of battery life for those that are always on the go
  • And best of all it’s only 3lbs. It fits in any bag that matches your lifestyle!
  • It’s also pre-loaded with comprehensive security by McAfee to ensure your devise is protected.

How to enter?

Enter HERE for a chance to win Three Dell Latitude 7389 laptops. There will be a total of 5 winners!

In the end of the day you, me, we ourselves are a brand and a business and it’s up to you to utilize the tools and resources you have to monetize your business.

This post was created in partnership with Dell 

No Purch Nec. Ends 11/22/17. US sm. Business only and; 18+. Official rules Void where prohibited. Also, if selected you will need to provide your Tax ID.

Hisense is Launching The Smartest TV Ever

Just when I thought my TV can’t get any smarter. It just did.

This week I was invited to the launch of Hisense’s latest innovative product. Their 4K Ultra smart Laser TV! Enjoy four times (8.3 million) the amount of pixels of standard HD TV’s for a crystal-clear picture that will change your TV viewing experience forever.

This new gadget from Hisense will transform your living room into a home cinema without having to mount a heavy LCD TV on the wall.

At the event we had the opportunity to hear a casual conversation between Men in Blazers, Hisense Executives and Soccer legend Landon Donovan, while sipping on beers and cocktails.

What does it come with?

  • The Laser TV Console
  • A 100-inch ‘panel-less’ display screen
  • Two built-in Harman Kardon speakers
  • Smart TV with built in apps
  • Subwoofer
  • Wall-mount + wall-mount hardware
  • Cleaning kit and manual.

Imagine watching Gossip Girl (for the fourth time) on this bad boy! (For most of you guys that follow my stories on the reg, you know what I’m talking about). If you’re a TV addict, like myself,  this TV will be on your wish list this holiday season.

The Hisense Smart TV is designed to be a luxury TV that is much easier to use than a projector and does way more. It’s a premium TV experience. The new Hisense TV is available now for $9,999 and can be purchased at Harman stores and online.

This post was created in partnership with Hisense*

Cancun Living with The Ritz-Carlton

Photo Credit: Christian Bendek

This week on…Moti Goes to The Beach.

Just kidding, except I actually did go to the beach, but this time It was the coast of Mexico! I was invited to call The Ritz-Carlton my home for a weekend in Cancun and here is how that went down.

Mexico is known to have the best service. The staff over at The Ritz-Carlton are always thinking ahead and driving defensively. While i was there I personally never felt like I needed something or I was missing anything since I already had or the staff member was right behind me with whatever it was I needed. It’s a great feeling! Especially when you’re on vacation.

5 Things to Do in Cancun:

Have dinner @ The Chef’s Table
One of the best meals I’ve had in a really long time. Chef Mara invited us into her kitchen, which was a super intimate and personal setting, where we had the chance to experience Mara doing her magic behind the counter and then tasting it. The menu for the night was Mexican, my absolute favorite, with a local touch. Mara’s presentation was exquisite, and every dish looked like a piece of art. The 6-course +17185527479meal included various wines from Mexico, ceviche, tacos and of course Mexican doughnuts drizzled in chocolate. This was one of my favorite experiences in 2017, I kid you not. For more information and to book your reservation CLICK HERE.

Cirque du Soleil JOYà
I’ve been to Vegas many times, however, this is my first Cirque du Soleil show I’ve ever experienced. Prepare yourselves for 90 minute show packed with entertainment! The show takes place about 45 minutes outside of Cancun and offers a list of options to enjoy the show including a delicious dinner prior to the show. For more information and to book tickets, visit their site HERE.

Visit Isla Mujeres
Cancun is very much an beach town, but there are so many cool towns outside of it like Playa del Carmen, Tulum and Isla Mujeres. It’s a colorful town and a great place to hit the beach, but also there’s a big market filled with small shops and places to eat and drink.

Get a Massage @ The Ritz-Carlton Spa
The BEST massage hands down. I’ve had a dozen massages my entire life, but this one hit the ball park for me. It was a hot-stone massage by Talia (ask for her!), and it was the most soothing and relaxing experience I’ve had in a while. For more information and to book your massage, visit their site HERE.

Rent a Cabana By The Beach
If you’re looking to relax by the beach, there’s no other way to do than in a cabana by the beach. Along with beach chairs each cabana has a hammock that is perfect to lay in. Additionally, while I was on the beach enjoying a cocktail, one of the staff members was coming around giving out head massages and then placing a cold, ice cold, towel and cucumbers over your eyes. I now can tell you what heaven feels like.