My Hamptons Weekend #RaybanRemix

Recently I took a trip out east and spent my weekend in the Hamptons with some of my best friends and the Ray-Ban crew. During the weekend we went flyboarding, surfing and even got to jam out to Bob Moses over at the Surf Lodge. We also stayed hydrated that entire weekend with Tequila (not ideal, but necessary).

Ray-Ban helped me get ready for my weekend by allowing me to customize some shades from scratch. Many people might not know this, but you can customize Ray-Bans with their #RaybanRemix program. You can own a pair of sunglasses that no one else in the world owns. You can select from 20 styles, from the classic clubmaster and wayfarer styles to one of their more recent, the clubrounds. After you select your style of choice, you then get to pick out the lenses, materials and even the color case you want, the options are endless. Don’t forget to monogram too!

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