Investment Piece

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Photo Credit: Liat Ankari

Jacket, Knit- Brett Johnson | Jeans- Paige | Shoes- Adidas | Shades- Garrett Leight

There’s only two seasons in NYC. Winter and Summer. Yup, it’s true leather weather is already over (sadly, the winter starts earlier than expected and ends way later than scheduled). So, It’s time to whip out them winter coats because baby, it’s getting cold outside. This past weekend I visited Coney Island with my sister and a friend that was visiting, and since we were way close to the beach I knew I had to bundle up. I took my new brown suede shearling jacket from Brett Johnson for a spin, and oh my, I can’t tell you how warm, good and luxe I felt. Every guy should own an investment piece (and I don’’t mean a car or a condo in manhattan). I’m referring to a an awesome outerwear piece that you can keep (and wear) for eternity and pass it on from generation to generation. Mentally, I’m not prepared for the cold season or an inch of snow any time soon. This jacket is making me feel a bit better about it, and look (somewhat) forward to the cold temperatures. And yes, after I galavanted and photographed this look, I hopped on the Thunderbolt (the ride behind me,) and it was epic.

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