Falling in Love With Fall, and My New Leo Loafers

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Photo credit: Jeff Thibodeau

Blazer- Bar III | Pants- Born To Tailor | Shoes- Tod’s | Shades- Garret Leight | Bag- J.W. Hulme Co.

Many of you probably don’t know this, but I was born and raised here in Brooklyn, New York. it’s crazy of how much it has evolved (for the better of course). I tend to shoot a lot in Dumbo just because the endless of backdrop options, and of how much it reminds me of manhattan, but isn’t the city. The scenery is surreal, picturesque and something you probably will find on a postcard or a movie. I love Dumbo in the fall. The yellow and orange leaves, the cool brisk air, which isn’t too cold, but cold enough for appropriate fall fabrics and on a sunny day, this place is the perfect getaway. For this perfect fall day, I mixed my fabrics and partnered my tweed speckled blazer with my flannel wool chalk-stripe trouser (which is part of a suit, but hey I’m all about utilizing a suit). I finished the look off with a pair of beautiful oxblood leather loafers by Tod’s. It’s a classic and elegant shoe with some small modern detail (like the wooden penny bar). If you know anything about me, you know my addiction to shoes is transparent (see snapchat: Username: Moti Ankari) and for this reason I knew I had to have the Leo loafers a part of my personal collection. I always love a good dress shoe, especially if it’s handmade in Italy, count a brother in!

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