Cheers to The Weekend #GoBitter

Campari17 Campari10 Campari6 Campari1

Photo Credit: Bobby Hicks

Last month I was invited to celebrate the new Campari Calendar star, Ms. Kate Hudson (who I bluntly invited to the Demi Lovato/Nick Jonas concert next summer, but still awaiting for a definite YES–stay tuned) at the Standard Hotel in NYC. At the same time Campari selected Andy Torres of Style Scrapbook and I to be their global campaign ambassadors (I know, a total honor!) If you didn’t know or weren’t sure- there are two ways to have your Campari- bitter or sweet. And hence that is where the two teams were born. Although Andy and I are supporting two different team, she’s a badass chic and totally full of life so of course we celebrated together, drinking multiple negronis and danced the night a way. After the celebration I got behind the bar and put together my very own bitter drink, and you can too! Just in time for the weekend cheers!

1 part (1oz) Campari
1 part (1oz) Gin
1 part (1oz) red vermouth 
1 slice of orange

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