Can’t Get Enough of My Stan Smith

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Photo credit: James Creel

Sneakers- Adidas via Finish Line

A dog is man’s best friend. Who ever said this statement, lied. A man’s actual best friend is his white sneakers. They get you from place to place, keeping you comfortable every step of the way, and when treated with care they last quite a long time. These Adidas Stan Smith kicks are probably my 8th pair I own– because in the end of the day they are white, and they will get ruined eventually. I typically have two pairs during my rotation, one that is more cleaner than the other which I keep for special occasions, while the more beat up ones I wear during my night out of town. When you find your favorite white sneaker, you buy a pair, you stock a pair– that’s my motto. I got my latest from Finish Line, which offer a huge selection of Adidas Originals sneakers. (including the ones below).

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