Brooklyn Heights in Bar 3

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Photo credit: Bobby Hicks

Blazer, Shirt, Tie, ShoesBar 3

I shoot in Brooklyn often, and every time without fail it seizes to amaze me. My buddy, Bobby, and I checked out Brooklyn Heights (yup, that’s the place where you can get an exceptional view of the skyline.) For my second #SettingTheBar post with Bar 3, I went with a tailoring look, but this time I slipped into a pair of denim to make it more casual. I can’t believe it’s cold out (I guess HBO is right, Winter IS coming). So, time to throw on those flannel and herringbone blazers on. I also came across these double monk boots which from the moment I saw them, I knew I had to add them to my collection. They’re different and I don’t own anything like it, which is very refreshing.


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