Dad or Grad?

June 13, 2016

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Photo credit: Anthony Urbano

It’s been 2 years since I walked down the aisle to receive my diploma over at The Fashion Institute of Technology. It was a huge milestone for me (so, if you’re reading this and recently graduated, give yourself a pat on the back, congrats). For my graduation I got a really awesome watch, I won’t go into much details, but it was a thoughtful gift. Although, I don’t wear as frequent as I would like, it meant a lot to me coming from my parents and a piece that I will have for the rest of my life.

I’ve partnered with Bloomingdales to share my personal experience and to share the perfect gift for your recent grad, the new Movado Edge watch. For starters any type of jewelry makes an excellent gift. It’s seasonless and is something that can be utilized and worn daily, so well worth the investment. The Movado Edge is super sleek, minimal and modern making it versatile so you can dress it up with a suit or with a track pant and a tee, depending on your mood.

Also, Father’s day is right around the corner and since this watch is pretty timeless (pun intended) and the design is sleek and modern it can make the perfect gift for grads and dads.


Shirt- Bonobos (Similar) | Jeans-  J Brand | Sneakers- CDG x Converse | Watch- Movado

Father’s Day With The Art of Shaving

June 9, 2016

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Photo credit: Michael Casker

Anyone with facial hair will agree that shaving is a process. According to a specialist over at The Art of Shaving, It’s a 4-step system that includes Prepare, Lather Up!, Shave & Moisturize that should be taken seriously an you shouldn’t be selecting just any razor to do so.

This Father’s Day I decided to take it back to tradition and get educated on grooming. I Invited the person that means the absolute most, and the guy I look up to every single day, MY DAD, and twin brother, Ami, to share a special pampering day over at the Art of Shaving Barber Spa at Rockefeller Plaza.

I remember the first time I shaved my first piece of facial hair, my mustache, after being made fun of for it for over a year. My twin and I both were a bit fed up with it and told our dad that we are ready to be men. My dad handed me his shaver and told me “Go for it” with little or close to zero instruction. My initial response was “okay, but how?” but instead of waiting for a response I went for it. Luckily I didn’t cut myself, but, I understood my dad’s reasoning on why he didn’t explain more, he wanted me to try it, make a mistake or two and learn from it. And, so, I did.

When Dad, Ami and I arrived to the Barber Spa located in the heart of Rockefeller Plaza, before we got groomed we tested out some products and went through the shaving process along the way. First we tried out some shaving soaps and scents which included Sandalwood, lemon and lavender. We then checked out the many razors and blades that Art of The Shaving offers, and trust, there are a lot to educate yourself with. Depending on how many blades results for a better and ore efficient shave. Post razor visit we checked out some beard oils, shampoos and conditioners in addition to skincare items.

I personally loved the facial moisturizer which has a eucalyptus scent to it and made my skin feel alive and fresh.

When we went through the straight razors, my dad was sharing some of his personal experiences and memories when he was a young lad using them. It’s kinda amusing hearing him talk about things prior to the digital era.

This Father’s day, if you’re able to get out and make an experience out of it, and you should, I suggest taking your old man to the Art of Shaving Barber Spa, get a haircut, which is what I got or a royal shave, which is what my dad got, a beard trim or a hot towel massage, which according to my twin brother was the best twenty minutes of his life. But if you’re unable to enjoy one of this special experiences at one of 50 Art of Shaving barber spas, here are 5 gift ideas that Dad will appreciate.

5 of my Favorite Gifts For The Old Man Himself

FathersDayGiftGuide-ArtOfShaving copy

(1) Skin care set

(2) Beard maintenance kit

(3) Fusion engraved Nickel plated shaving set

(4) Full size Shaving kit

(5) Limited edition tyrol wood razor


Jersey City

June 6, 2016


Photo Credit: Anthony Urbano

Last week, believe it or not, I made it to Jersey City for the first time ever with my blogger bud, Anthony. We drove over in my Range Rover listening to Bieber, Drake and that new Arianna record. If I had a dollar for every time someone asked me “Where can I get an amazing shot of the NYC skyline” I would have maybe $36. What I can tell you is that YOU need to get out of the city to capture New York City at its best, you dig? Jersey City has some great views, and really good food places and tons locations to shoot.


Tank- Calvin Klein | Jeans- Rag & Bone | Shades- Dior Homme | Sneakers- Adidas